“From the beginning I felt the Tower as in some way a place of maturation–a maternal womb or a maternal figure in which I could become what I was, what I am and will be. It gave me a feeling as if I were being reborn in stone. It is thus a concretization of the individuation process”
— Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections


In my work with the tarot, I tend to focus on the Tower archetype as the Blasted Tower, where our false reality collapses under the weight of its own preconceptions when confronted by that which is greater and more authentic. In the above quote Carl Jung describes the positive aspects of the Tower and how and why we construct it in the first place. When we reach a certain point in our adolescence many of us realize that the reality that our parents and our teachers have described to us no longer fits. We react to this by building our own edifice out of the materials at hand. In this process of individuation we tend to make our reality as different from our parents’ as we can. Often it is only after experiencing the flaws in our own reality tunnels firsthand that we can appreciate parts of what has come before and incorporate it into our own models.
Blessings, G


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