“It was a rainy night. It was the myth of a rainy night.”
― Jack Kerouac


We live in a world of myths and we try to keep up. There is the myth of romance and the myth of rain. We have the myth of Christmas and Family Get-togethers and holiday vacations. When most of us encounter any of these things, we have an idea in our heads built up of the past and media exposure and stories we’ve read and heard of exactly what they should be like and feel like. Yet how often are we disappointed when the reality does not live up to the archetypal image in our heads? It may actually be better, bigger and more wonderful yet how easy is it to get caught up in, “I thought it would be different.” Whenever I find myself expressing anything like the feeling of disappointment in those situations, I try very quickly to get past it.
The only thing that I can expect from a rainy night is that it will probably be wet and probably dark. The only thing I can expect from a travelling holiday is I will probably not be at home. After that its a matter of throwing out the maps and models and treat it as something new never encountered before. It is only then that I am truly experiencing it. Would we really want things to be exactly like they are in the brochure with no surprises? Where then is the chance to experience something wonderful that no one else ever has?
Blessings, G


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Cathedral Beneath the WavesCathedral Beneath the Waves by G A Rosenberg


Centering in a Star Shaped PoolCentring in a Star Shaped Pool by G A Rosenberg