“Music really did mean something to him, he realized, and it always had. It called to him, although there were no words to describe what it promised. It was like a secret language he never forgot how to speak, a hometown he could always return to when he tired of what life was throwing at him.”
― Tad Williams


As I write this I am listening to Chasing After Shadows by the band Hammock. I find something about Hammock’s music to be fantastic to write to. Even when there is no music playing externally tho, my life has always had a soundtrack. Whole periods of my life represented by different bands. The Doobie brothers, Lynard Skynard or the Who are my high school years. Listening to Teenage Wasteland energizes me with a flavour of angst… Early adulthood is represented by Rush, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Bob Marley and the police. Jean Michel Jarre and Metallica played out through my thirties. Of course there were many others, a list wouldn’t do it justice. I hitch hiked down the road singing Willie Nelson and Neal Diamond and Cat Stevens. I had sex to the wild bass of club music and serenaded lovers to the Beatles. I found self-expression through the words and melodies in an ever expanding repertoire provided by others that has brought me to equanimity. Friends and family have been there (more often than not) but music has been my most constant companion.
Blessings, G


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The GateThe Gate by G A Rosenberg


Masked in ShadowsMasqued in Shadows by G A Rosenberg