“Do not pour guilt into someone’s psyche, and don’t let anyone tamper with your conscience.”
― Zeina Glo


It’s so easy to talk about emotional storms and riding out emotions both negative and positive. It’s a lot more difficult to walk the walk. I have problems from time to time with frustration. When frustrated, often my first instinct is to lash out and then close down. I have gotten better at watching it happen but still from time to time I slip. Also, occasionally I get called on it. Then my frustration with myself increased, with a good dose of guilt thrown in. Of course the end result (at my best) is that I gain self-knowledge and I become that much better at accepting what’s going on and letting the emotions flow through. At times it’s been tricky and at times I’ve hurt others (and myself) on an emotional level that I can work to heal but never quite restore.
Still it’s a part of me and I have to cop to it, Thus I dance with my shadow, embrace it and accept it. Perhaps a little more each day.
Blessings, G


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