“Belief gets in the way of learning.”
― Robert A. Heinlein


Over the years I have met many people of strong faith and in most cases it has filled my heart. I don’t mean the dogmatic faith of a born-again true believer because that often feels hypocritical. It seems to me that anyone who feels the need to defend their faith by insisting that everyone else has got it wrong and should be somehow punished for it has a somewhat shaky foundation to begin with. I am talking about those who can accept anyone no matter their beliefs because they are centred in themselves and their universe. They have no need to defend because they are so sure of it. These are the people who have shown me what a divine unconditional love can truly be.
I have exposed myself over the years to as many belief systems and schools of thought and philosophy as I could. As I have stated here many times, I want to understand where the commonalities lie and try to get a glimpse of the biggest picture I can. One side effect of this avocation has been that while I notice certain tendencies towards a greater truth, there is none that has been put into words that I could grasp onto and call my own. Never completely. It has been an awesome journey that I have found fulfilling in countless ways. I know that the universe as a whole is conscious and aware and once or twice I have even touched that awareness and felt its echo within myself. I have nothing to defend not because of the security I have in my understanding but because I am open to all discussions on the subject. Especially ones that will deepen my understanding. It has been a strange wonderful dance and it continues.
Blessings, G


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Dancing From Her CentreDancing From Her Centre by G A Rosenberg


Open LotusOpen Lotus by G A Rosenberg