“I think we are worlds compressed into human form.”
— Jeanette Winterson


Stars, worlds and words made flesh
and set into orbit
We are so much more than we believe
and oft so different too
Significant in our potential
more so than in what we present
both to ourselves and others.
To transcend form and function
to free the worlds, nay the stars that we are
is the aim
tho not if we lose sight of why we compressed ourselves here in the first place.
The lessons we came here to learn and the interactions we need to have.
Besides that purpose its all smoke and mirror games
we dream up to keep it interesting.


Funny, I misread Ms. Winterson’s quote originally saying that “we are words compressed into human form” and I rather liked that notion. We are all the word made flesh, the spirit cloaked in matter. We recreate ourselves with words all of the time, accruing stories and carrying them around like the Ancient Mariner and his albatross. Of course we have the freedom to change our stories at any time but not that primal word that we manifest. I tend to believe that that word is our purpose and on some level it is the quest of each of us to find it.


Blessings, G


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