“I do know that the gardens of the first lands are still lying there, right under the skin of the world- pulsing the way our heartbeat drums under our own skin. And I believe that there’s a connectedness between everything that gives some people a deep and abiding affinity to a certain kind of place or creature.”
“Like totems?”
“Maybe. Or maybe something even more personal- something that’s impossible to articulate with the vocabulary we have at the moment.”
“This is too weird.”
Annie shrugged. “What can I say? It’s getting late, the stars are out. Once the sun sets, I tend to embrace whatever wild spirits are running around in the darkness, talking away to each other. I leave the logic of streets and pavement and cars and tall buildings behind and buy into the old magics that they’re whispering about. Sometimes those little mysteries and bits of wisdom stick to the bones of my head and I carry them right out into the sunlight again. They’re like Jack’s stories, true and not true, all at the same time. They don’t exactly shape my life, but they certainly colour it.” She glanced at him, “I wouldn’t like to live in a world where everything’s as cut-and-dried as most people think it is”
― Charles de Lint


The drumbeat calls
as I wander towards it
My road has been dark
with many missteps along the way
For too long my inner voice has felt silent
Yet now I hear a pounding beat
and there is an answering echo inside
It’s calling me in moonlight
and I long to strip off my clothes
and dance naked beneath the stars..


Stripped of clothes and reason
I follow awkwardly
to inner rhythm
the beat within
I hear it louder now
there are others dancing here
are they spirits called
by the drumming sound
or travellers like myself
Is there a difference?
I see faces out of memory and dream
they all move in and out of rhythm
in and out of beat
I slowly feel the flow
and get lost
I still to the drum’s sound
as my own silences


Dawn comes
as the drumming slows
The other dancers fade except a few
one stays with me
and we watch the sun come up together
and rest in each other’s arms
we fall asleep together
When we awake
we may love to the beat
that still echoes within
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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