“I have learned all kinds of things from my many mistakes. The one thing I never learn is to stop making them.”
― Joe Abercrombie


It’s amazing how we can allow our mistakes to swallow us up and keep us prisoners at times. Through action or inaction, word or silence we hurt those whom we would never wish to hurt. We love unwisely or unwell and step on toes. We get caught up in acts of self-destruction. Acts that may seem fun or amusing at times but really even the temptation to do them points to an a blind spot or area of self-loathing we did not realize we had. Sorrow or Regret cannot make up for these errors. About the only thing that can is realizing that we stepped in it, try to understand why. Make amends if we can and if we can’t continue on with acceptance and gratitude for the lesson. Wallowing in regret or sorrow tends to be an excuse to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Learning from it, we honour both those whom we have wronged and ourselves. I know in the future I will continue to make mistakes. Heck I need their gifts.
Blessings, G


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Breathing ArtBreathing Art by G A Rosenberg


SpindleSpindle by G A Rosenberg