“You’re just an imitation of what is around you, it’s just that you don’t imitate one person; you take bits and pieces of hundred people and make yourself.”


My sense of humour came from her.
Sharp sardonic reflections
on what goes on around me.
My logical mind came from two others.
The desire to understand has come from so many.
I got my smile from the girl next door
My personality is a matrix
of lives that have touched on mine
Each somehow reflects the spirit within while it reflects the world around me
My external being shifts as the people around me changes. Ive always been somewhat spongelike in that way
absorbing the traits and reflecting the nearby foibles
while somehow staying true to my inner being.
What responsibility does this give me? Do I surround myself with the best. No, I’ll surround myself with those who will most help me recognize my true being
sunlight and shadow and beyond.
Blessings, G


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