“Belonging is a comfortable strait jacket with wings to fly.”
— Nolan Void


What we belong to grounds us. We surrender part of ourselves to the families, groups and relationships we form and in the process we discover ourselves. We find where we fit and where we don’t. We see the shadow of ourselves reflected in the eyes of those we love. When we don’t like what we are seeing, it is time to look within and discover what is it we dislike in ourselves that causes the reaction? What has brought us here? When we feel love and grounded and safe, our dreams can soar and we can realize more than we could realize any other way. Thank you my loved ones for the wings and the grounding. My life would be poorer without you.
Blessings, G


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PlutoHades by G A Rosenberg


Rolling Through the AethyrRolling Through the Aether by G A Rosenberg