“Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?”
— Friedrich Nietzsche


As I have written before, I am seldom bored. Not only is life too short but there are still so many things to contemplate, to read, to see, to do? In my mind I do them all. Perhaps that’s one of the secrets to overcoming boredom. If we learn to develop a life in the mind and outside of it. I love to meditate and still my thoughts and almost anything can become a mindful practice if you let it. Left unattended my mind descends into word play and terrible puns which I may inflict on people. I also like to let my imagination run free and see what kind of trouble it can get into. I also love contemplating some of the more difficult questions about humanity; many of which I discuss here on the blog. Plus there are the normal family, home life and work related things that need to be attended to. One day I may make time for boredom. Not yet tho not yet.
Blessings, G


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Little Red's NightLittle Red’s Night by G A Rosenberg


Stepping Outside The Night She Saw Nothing UnusualStepping Outside the Night She Saw Nothing Unusual by G A Rosenberg