“Fear can make you do more wrong than hate or jealousy… fear makes you always, always hold something back.”
― Philip K. Dick


Fear maybe our biggest enemy. It causes us to not take chances, to play it safe. It stops us from telling people we love them and risk rejection. It stops us from standing up for ourselves when facing bullies, even the ones in our own heads. For fear of what others think of us, we withhold opinions that we know may be unpopular or we react totally the opposite and say things we know will be unpopular, daring others to reject us. When we do this we withhold the part of us that may actually agree but then this too is out of fear. Feeling fear is normal but if we cause it to freeze us in our tracks than we severely limit how far we can travel..It is only when we say “I fear that this will happen but I will do it anyway” that we exceed beyond our greatest expectations.
Blessings, G


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