“I must continue to follow the path I take now. If I do nothing, if I study nothing, if I cease searching, then, woe is me, I am lost. That is how I look at it — keep going, keep going come what may.
But what is your final goal, you may ask. That goal will become clearer, will emerge slowly but surely, much as the rough draught turns into a sketch, and the sketch into a painting through the serious work done on it, through the elaboration of the original vague idea and through the consolidation of the first fleeting and passing thought.”
— Vincent van Gogh


Staying the course
tho the skies start to cloud
Keep trudging along
even stuck in the crowd.
Finding my way
tho the path may be blocked
Knowing I’ll open
every door that is locked.


It’s never that easy
and it’s never that clear
yet the end will be reached
and my goal I will near


Taking each step
tho I don’t know which direction
Moving so slow
yet I’m moving with intention
Giving some space
to the doubts I feel within
yet still satisfied
with persistance I will win

— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Raven GoddessRaven Goddess by G A Rosenberg


Light at the CoreLight at the Core by G A Rosenberg