“Well, here we are…trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why.”
— Kurt Vonnegut


Here we are, trapped in this moment. Luckily we have the ability to entertain both ourselves and each other so its a nice time to share some thoughts. Today was Thanksgiving in the land of my birth so maybe I should say somethings I’m grateful for (besides the fact that I was not a native some 300+ years ago). I am thankful for friends, family and the intersection of both. I have been lucky to have an abundance of love in this spin of the wheel and it is something I try never to take for granted. I am thankful for a mind, hands and spirit all of which work reasonably well and for so many things to learn and do. I am thankful especially for the lessons in compassion and that I can feel so much of what is going on in the world and make things better when and how I can. I am thankful for teachers and for each of you reading these words. I am thankful for the growth that I have experienced in this past year and even the hard lessons and pain I have experienced. But enough gratitude for now. What are your dreams and hopes? In what way do you hope to move outside your comfort zone? What inner demons do you face and can I help you dance with them? Of late I seem to have no end of questions, we live in confusing times where many act strangely and expect everyone to follow along. We live in systematic cultures and the systems are running down as they find that their one size fits all solutions fit very few and that a culture based on scarcity and contrived monetary values will eventually fall apart. As the supposed scarcity increases, the greedy get greedier as people fear loss more than they fear not having in the first place and here I am on my soapbox again. Perhaps we can just enjoy the moment, this time together trapped in the nonmoving now but then aren’t we always?
Blessings, G


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Open SpaceOpen Space by G A Rosenberg


Crystal GazeCrystal Gaze by G A Rosenberg