“The best way out is always through.”
― Robert Frost


Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a situation (whether it be friendship, job or romantic entanglement) that you knew was not going to work and that you did not want to be there no matter what and you just wished that you could back out of it gracefully? Unfortunately in those types of situations (life lessons from the universe) it is impossible to leave without entangling oneself deeper. This has happened to me many times. Each time I saw it as a ride, an attraction that I bought the ticket for and paid the only coin we really have for life experience, my attention and so I might as well enjoy it. Like any amusement park ride I knew that it would be of limited duration and that eventually it would come to an end and I could go on knowing that having experienced it once, I need never do so again. At least I wouldn’t have to experience that particular ride. Life tho is a series of overlapping rides some of which we enjoy, some of which make us nauseous. We see them through. We just have to remember to hold on tight and wait for them to end.
Blessings, G


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Quetzalcoatl StudyQuetzalcoatl Study by G A Rosenberg


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