“Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and the infinity in which he is engulfed.”
— Blaise Pascal, Pensées


I, born ov the void
create my existence
beyond space, beyond time.
I seek the infinite
and reach with outstretched arms
to become both all that I am and
all that I am not.
Emerging from the void
I encompass the all.
— G A Rosenberg


We all contain the void. It manifests through the black hole of our imagination through which anything may emerge. What we can imagine, we can become. It may take many existences but as we gain in knowledge and imagination, we become more than we ever thought we could be.
Blessings, G


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Anubis in the Ruins at NightAnubis in the Ruins at Night by G A Rosenberg


MaraxMarax by G A Rosenberg