“Sometimes the most healing gift we can give someone is to just be a witness to the pain and chaos of their life experiences. Certainly we are incapable of explaining why the big mysteries come upon us as they do. There are times when offering explanations even adds to the confusion. Sometimes the wisest position to take is to let a friend pour out her sorrow and rage, her anger and fear – listen to the big scream – and not flinch. Just listen and let the shock waves run over you like the sounds of screaming children who will gradually calm down and fall asleep from exhaustion. Painful life passages are exhausting, especially when mixed with mystery. You don’t know when they will end – and you can even begin to believe they will never end. But they always come to an end. Screaming children always stop screaming – even the loudest ones. But you can begin to believe they can actually scream forever – and they can’t tell you why. It’s a mystery. You can only do your best to make sure nothing is seriously wrong and then make them as comfortable as possible. But imagine if you were not there… how traumatic would that be for that child? Or for a friend’ inner child that is absorbing the fear of a life transition? We are all standing in the Witness position of someone or something. It is a powerful place to stand.”
— Caroline Myss


To know someone is there. To know someone can see me pass through the fire. I can feel their wordless presence and it gives me strength. They might not know what it’s like. They may never feel this and I hope they don’t but they are there. There is an outside to this that they attest to and I know that I will find my way out of my pain and back to where they are. Even if they don’t understand. When I have passed through this may I be able to be a witness to the struggles of others so that they can know they are not alone.
Blessings, G


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Leaving the GridLeaving the Grid by G A Rosenberg


Flowing Flower AbstractFlowing Flower Abstract by G A Rosenberg