“There is no sun without shadows, and it is essential to know the night.”
— Albert Camus


At night
the memories return
shadows of the past
The mellow ones come at dusk
The good times gone
that bring wistful smiles
At midnight I am swept
by images of love
Romantic evenings and
pleasant ones spent with friends
I know that I will build similar memories
yet none as good.
the haunting ones come at 3 AM
they keep me restless
in the art of second-guessing
that leads slowly to Dawn’s slow acceptance
The ghosts dance through my dreams
and leave me waking in peace.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Butterfly Daemon in ReposeButterfly Daemon in Repose by G A Rosenberg


Harlequin's Realm AbstractedHarlequin’s Realm Abstracted by G A Rosenberg