“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
― Oscar Wilde


Last night I talked in general about religion so tonight let’s talk about sex. Almost everyone does it or has it in almost every conceivable way yet talking about it except among one’s closest friends tends to make for awkward conversations at best. Especially when it comes to talking about varieties of sexual experience and desire. Many get not only defensive but go on the offensive when exposed to desires that are different than their own. There are those who will go out of their way to attack those they consider ‘perverts’ or ‘deviants’. Again the reason seems to revolve around fear of the different. Probably the most pervasive pernicious fear that attacks us humans. This seems to be slowly changing with each generation and I hope it continues to do so.
Blessings, G


Tonight was a bit of a break art wise so here are two of my older pieces:


ManifestationManifestation by G A Rosenberg


Nature SpiritsNature Spirits by G A Rosenberg