To me, all creativity is magic. Ideas start out in the empty void of your head – and they end up as a material thing, like a book you can hold in your hand. That is the magical process. It’s an alchemical thing. Yes, we do get the gold out of it but that’s not the most important thing. It’s the work itself.”
— Alan Moore


Process creation
within and without
something from nothing
but a spark and a seed
mixing and breathing
my will into being
with each colour and word
I continue
reaction and change
texture and pattern
and rearrange
Completion never
yet this piece is done
Another one starts
the void’s gift again.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Through Spirit Chambres to the MountainThrough Spirit Chambers to the Mountains by G A Rosenberg


Inside the Plant CarnivorousInside a Carnivorous Plant by G A Rosenberg