“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”
— Eleanor Brownn

Something a bit different tonight. Often when I create art, I feel inspired to write poetry or meditate. My pink crystal picture tonight came with a story or at least the beginnings of one…


The crystal that she held by its thin chain glowed pink and it cast strange shadows on the walls of the room. The crystal was fascinating. It seemed to contain faces within its facets and the faces held as many emotions as the crystal had facets. The faces like the light appeared on the wall. I could hear a strange droning noise. If I listened closely I could almost hear whispered voices. It was as if the faces  on the wall were speaking and each one was telling the tale of its life. I heard whispers of pain and joy and longing for an existence that had been denied to them for too long. As I walked towards the face that looked the most benevolent, its voice started supplanting the others so that I could hear it above the din and drone that was going on around me. “My name is Fred Thornton and when I first encountered the gem, I was on a trip to Athens….”


Blessings, G

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Shadows Cast by a Glowing CrystalShadows Cast by a Glowing Crystal by G A Rosenberg


The FeedingThe Feeding by G A Rosenberg