“Poetry is a journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly the air.”
–Carl Sandburgh


I was once told by a teacher that I reminded him of Sandburgh’s above definition of poetry and this puzzled me for years. On one level I had long ago given up on feeling that there was a place where I belonged and yes I wanted to be everywhere. Once the feeling of home is gone, there is both liberation and terror and sorrow when I realized that I could never go back to where I came from. It had changed to the extent that the feeling of home was gone and I had changed to where I would no longer fit there even if it had stayed frozen and unchanged. I have never been content to stay in one place and when I cannot travel in a physical sense, I travel through imagination into new challenges and new ideas ever trying to reach if not higher than wider. Gradually I understand how what the teacher said applied and eventually I may master all three or perhaps four considering the fire I’ve traveled through to get this far and the further refinement needed to go farther.
Blessings, G


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SplotchesSplotches by G A Rosenberg


Elemental Faces Hidden in Dark Dreams Elemental Faces Hidden in Dark Dreams by G A Rosenberg