“We tremble with the violence of the conflict within us,—of the definite with the indefinite—of the substance with the shadow.”
— Edgar Allan Poe


I speak a lot about shadow and the parts of us we don’t want to face. I believe that if we don’t give voice to our own hidden depths that we will never be able to live a realized life. I have fought myself as much as anyone and ended up bruised and battered on a regular basis. Yet somehow either through fantasy or creating art or through seeing the worst parts of myself emerging during times of relationship stress those parts have come through. We all contain multitudes and I know there are still parts that have not yet found their voice and as with most of us they are often the parts that scream the loudest. The most heartening thing is that I no longer fear that inner shadow. I know that I cannot control it and it will emerge when it will. I have learned tho that seeking to reign it in gives it strength and while I cannot control my shadow, it cannot control me either. I have to learn to acknowledge it and coexist and to not fear it. For that way I will know myself and so better actualize my existence.
Blessings, G


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A Face From the AbyssA Face From the Abyss by G A Rosenberg


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