“He who looks in the mirror of the water, first sees his own image. He who looks at himself, risks to meet himself. The mirror does not flatter, it shows accurately what is reflected in it, namely that face that we never show the world because we hide it by the persona, the mask of the actor. This is the first test of courage on the inner path, a test, which is enough to frighten most people, because the encounter with oneself belongs to those unpleasant things, one avoids as long as one can project the negative onto the environment.”
~ Carl Gustav Jung


Close to the mirror I see much that I have missed. Dorian Gray’s reflection staring back but no it is his portrait, the truer reflection for it showed the scars. Mine shows the weight of years and occasionally the weight of cares. Each line drawn in by experience. Oh I don’t mind the aging process much and sometimes when I mirror gaze, my eyes dance. Sometimes they are mad and sometimes they are cruel and always they reflect the heart of the beast. I am the one who loves and the one who angers, the one who wants to lash out and scream that the world needs to STOP! At other times I sing or whistle and my reflection follows along tho the tunes that we carry are seldom the ones that the song writers intended. I reach out towards the mirror and my reflection, in thrall to my movement reaches back and the touch of the eyes show connection..
Blessings, G


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Djinn and TonicDjinn and Tonic by G A Rosenberg


Night StrangerNight Stranger by G A Rosenberg