“The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure.”
― Cornelia Funke


Tonight I have a guest poet on the blog, a friend of mine James Adams. His poems are rather amazing and I may feature them again from time to time




The die has been cast
The snake eyes searching
Drawing Me In
Staring into my depth
Ancient lady of the well
Dwelling In the realm
Of danger and its mysterious reward
Damning the foolish
To the land of the blind
I stake my ghost
And take my turn at chance
Climbing her scales
The acrobat of coiling minds sight
The juggler of fate
Balanced upon the back
Of undulating dream
Time is friend
Giving life to experience and birthing my inevitable end
Still she calls and I heed
My wounds are my pride
As I battle with an analog sword
and an Indomitable stride
I chase the phantasmic
Creations of self-made enemies
Designed to attack with a purpose
A challenge
and a cheat
A wave and twist
Her sweet ratio shape
Fibonacci paths
And dark möbius strip
Mother Goddess
Lovely hypnotic sighs
Empress with a domain of
Soft curve of hip
Hot and cold her caresses
Loves gentle despise
Life and death the raison dete
Dealing In the game of knowledge and its deadly price
My sacrifice
Holy altar to make me sanctified In flesh
Wild vistas of Inner minds sight
Continuing I fall
Traversing her land
Far the stars and gate wide
To enter Inside
Now whole
Journey aside
The ending Is my heaven
The great serpentine prize
To perish with abandon
In those Luciferous green Lovers eyes
– James Adams


Blessings, G


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