I have a fascination for how quickly people seek to suck the joy and celebratory spirit from others. They justify it through some cause or another as if in competition to see who can take life more seriously.”
– Randall Wolfe


I find it puzzling. Last week the United States Supreme Court made a ruling that recognized gay marriage throughout the country. People celebrated in many ways. After all, for many of them this represented recognition of their lives and their loves that they had previously not had. Many tho while not opposed to the ruling reacted in a way that saddened me a bit. They went on social media decrying the celebration because they disagreed with the idea of government sanctioned marriage. While I saw their point part of me was wondering why they would wish to quell another’s happiness.
Since then I have noticed that this phenomenon extends to almost every form of celebration. We shouldn’t celebrate the Fourth of July because the people of the United States are far from free and independent. We shouldn’t celebrate a new relationship because it might end in pain and celebration. How dare you honour THOSE people, look at what they’ve done?
Don’t get me wrong. Causes are important and their is a lot wrong with the world. People should seek to fight injustice and leave the planet just a bit better than they found it. Yet at the same time, very little gets accomplished by being joyless. If there is something that we enjoy that brings us pleasure, let’s do it. If it means close time with family and friends even more so.It is not paradoxical to fight the evils at the world while taking the pleasure and joy that we can. Taking it from others seems to be a crime in itself.
Blessings, G


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