“We might say that the dream transforms the dreamer; that it possesses the ability to ‘initiate’, to bestow new meaning, to motivate new beginnings (Latin: initium – beginning), to permit our entrance (literally ‘en-trance’; Latin: inire init – to go in) to new orders of relation between ourselves and the ‘other’.”
— Andrew D. Chumbley


Dreams echo in the waking breath
and then ebb away
to distant shore’s calling
their transformations
internal and eternal
felt but unexpressed
in the morning light
except in subtle hints.
Once more I play the fool
in daily routines
as I pretend to a normalcy
beyond my reach.
yet in the evening
I create the flow
and the images arrive
through mouse and screen
and my own inner reveries
The tide has returned
and the dreaming begins again.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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EcstasyEcstasy by G A Rosenberg


Ethereal BeatleEthereal Beatle by G A Rosenberg