“In wrestling, nothing exists unless it exists totally, there is no symbol, no allusion, everything is given exhaustively; leaving nothing in shadow, the gesture severs every parasitical meaning and ceremonially presents the public with a pure and full signification, three dimensional, like Nature. Such emphasis is nothing but the popular and ancestral image of the perfect intelligibility of reality. What is enacted by wrestling, then, is an ideal intelligence of things, a euphoria of humanity, raised for a while out of the constitutive ambiguity of everyday situations and installed in a panoramic vision of a univocal Nature, in which signs finally correspond to causes without obstacle, without evasion, and without contradiction.”
― Roland Barthes, Mythologies


Tonight, not for the first time, I went with my family to a WWE show. My son has been a fan for quite a while and so on the rare occasions when the WWE comes to Vancouver we try to get tickets. I enjoy the theatrics of it. Real injuries seldom happen so what you get is a show of simplistic good vs simplistic bad put on by athletes and entertainers who know how to punch, kick and even throw someone without causing any great injury. The violence such as it is thus that of a cartoon in nature. There is a grace to it that is rather fun along with a visceral sense of excitement. As a ceremony and ritual it is rather grounding and quite a bit fun.
Blessings, G


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WWEAug9 VancouverRoman Reigns and Bray Wyatt in the ring


TapestryTapestry by G A Rosenberg