“The land carves maps onto our bones. Unbidden, we follow them. We are the dangerous territory.”
— C.L. Nolan


Every time we branch off into new areas of thought and study we enter the unknown. It helps to check our preconceptions at the door. This becomes increasingly more difficult as we get older. Yet each new concept demands that we come to it, innocent, stripped of as much of our past connections as possible. This is frightening because so many of us confuse what we think and how we view life as who we are. Yet to approach something new with anything less than total openness is to deny its embrace. There is always time afterwards to compare this new experience with everything that has come before. Indeed it is necessary to do so yet at the moment it is offered to us, we must make the sacrifice. How could we ever truly understand this new pathway without it? If we refuse to encompass new ways of thinking then we stagnate and that is always the easy path.
It is outside our safety zone that we grow. It is only by surrendering the old to the new that we conquer new lands.
Blessings, G


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