Art Gallery – 2012

Art Gallery-2012

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September 2012

Collision Butterfly over Alien Cropcircle Red Yellow Vortex
Totemic Purple Flame Cross Rising Towards
Existing in a bubble world Reaching For More Time Mandala in a Storm
Bowed but not Beaten Red Gray Waking Spiral Paths to and from the centre
Blue Violet Rays Embrace-Chiseled yet Faded Exploring Shapes on an Exploded Ruby Abstract
She Holds Her Children Close Escherian Torch The Hierophant
Stained Flower Mandala Psychodelia Psychodelia rev
If the Night Falls on a Lonely Planet Will the Tree Hear it Make a Sound Last Dance copy Elephant
Emerald Vision Leaving the Studio Astro Womb With A View by G A Rosenberg
Vehicle0 Green Play Mandala life inside the bubble
Flowering Mood Indigo Geode Mandala
Lesson Shadow Vortex Lonely Orb in the mind stream
Ganesh I Live at the Centre Justice
Rise of the Indigo Mandala Blue Red Mandala Red Gold Galaxy
Star Quest Falling To Circles
She Wears The Night Rose Cross Mandala Flight of Spirits
Emerald Chamber Sacrificial Totem Purple Lazer Mandala
Masqued Mandala A Prayer for Peace Jade Ray Mandala
Cosmic Dance Peaceful Purple Mandala Stone Throne
Treatment for High Priestess The High Priestess

October 2012

Journey Mandala Creation Mandala Dark Flower
From the Shadows Electric teal mandala Tiger Warp
Angel's Reverie Sixties Sun Enjoying the view of Full Earth
Balance Goddess Energy Emerald  Mandala
Campfire Blue Gold Sun Mandala Alien Mage
Rubbed Green Oasis Aquamarine
What Else is there to Teach Him Abstract Glow Temperance
Blue Landing (collab with the dr2) Emanating collab w the Dr Purple Snowflake
His Spirit Dreams in Electric Colours It's scrying time again Burning Bright
crystaline Purple Angel Prodding the centre Mandala
Past Yields to Present Atomic Blue Mandala Creation Engine
Grid2 Watching Electric Pinwheel
Manifesting the seed Pulled Towards the Centre The Child's Offering
Rainbow Hued Mandala Healing the Land Looking inside the Crystal
Born of Magick and the Lotus One of my Pet Notions Indigo Gate Mandala
Five of Wands Staring at the ceiling Remembering
Light Blue Stairs ReUnion Psychedelic Peacock
Cosmic Womb Winged Peach Expressive Abstraction
Looking at Opals through a Ruby Haze Found in Stone Kitty Pride
Gold Star Reach Out from the Inside The Star
Wildfire 2 Golden Web Wildfire 3

November 2012

Life emerging Purple Tongue Mandala Loki's Cave
Awakening Vision Serpentine Doorway Tree in a reality storm
Mandala of the Wands Judgement Monochrome Space Mandala
Journey Through the Mind's Eye Braving the Elements lost-in-the-green
Astral Purple Mandala Opalescent Goddess Gothic
Orchestrating Pensive P PensiveInverse
Universal Eye Through the Fire The Magician in the Abstract
Red Ripples Observer Double Helix Confluence
Channeling Phoenix Writhing Stellar Romance
Infinitudes The Hermit Enki
Electric Crossroads Ten of Swords Ten of Cups
Eyere Gateway to the other Mandala Building Stars
A Quiet Moment Copper Lightning Mandala Knight of Cups
Knight of Wands Knight of Swords Knight of Pentacles
Tangible Spill Mandala Gateway to the other side Mandala

Green Vortex Congruence Storm Flower Abstract
Lovestruck Fantasy Temple at Night Six of Wands
reflection Small Tear in the Framework 3d genetic code
Returning home to a mirrored existence

December 2012

Synaptic Mandala Offered the World Angelic Art Play
Explosive Mandala Top Still Spinning After the Gold Rush Dream Teachings
Building the Mystery The Empress Reception Uncertain
Abstract Awakenings Goddess of Colours The Chariot
Expanded Awareness Atomic Purple Portal Mechanic
The Chamber Looped Rays and circles
Shadows and Flame Planted Museum Peace
Exploding Rainbows Ganesh at Waking Spirals Queen of Cups copy
Meditation - Indigo Night Atomic Fushia Shock Mandala The Flutter of a Butterfly's Wings
Emerald Ruby Mediation Gateway of Emerald and Ruby Neon Flower
Water Mandala Rays Drifting Mandala
King of Swords KIng of Wands purple sojourn
Worlds Kaleidescope Magenta Spin Flourite Carnelian  Journey
Space Reverie Seven of Wands He Starts His Eduacation
Seven of Pentacles Spacial Orange Mandala Ten of Pentacles
Starry Night Mandala Queen of Pentacles spread light mandala
Seeking Shelter Abstracted K9 Page of Wands
Dimensional Calling Card Page of Cups Black Light Mandala
Page of Pentacles Crystal Blue Persuasion Amonite Persian Rug
Solstice with the triple goddess Journey Mandala The Ripple Effect
Butterfly Camaflouge Kali at the Fountain Kali Dancing in the Fountain of Time2
View from the surface of the peacock Red and Green Liquid Flame
Angel's Chambers Indigo Flames Expansion of Life