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Silent Conversation (Redux)


Flow of thought and emotion
conveyed without words


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Silent Conversation (Redux)Silent Communication by G A Rosenberg

Angelic (Redux)


Angelic Vision
Showing me in a dream my
own divine nature


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Angelic (Redux)Angelic (R) by G A Rosenberg


Quote of the Day – July 16 2012

“Sometimes I get lonesome for a storm. A fullblown storm where everything changes.”
—Joan Baez

After a week of talking about identity which followed a week of talking about freedom, I was not expecting to be talking around another ‘theme’ that quickly. Tho its interesting that the last two quotes that called to me were both talking about various kinds of change. We’ll have to see where this goes.

I can identify with Joan Baez’s desire for a storm that changes everything on so many levels. On a personal level, I want a storm that will shake me out of areas where I feel I’ve grown complacent and motivate me to do things I have stalled on. On a political level I want a storm of consciousness that will awaken and empower people to demand the right to self-governance that we have lost. On a mass consciousness level I want a storm to arise within our hearts to make us think of ourselves on a species or universal level FIRST before either the personal or tribal levels so many of us seem stuck on.


Please rain in my soul
storm and rage within its core
sunlit rebirth dawns.

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Orchid’s Dark by G A Rosenberg


Expanding Flower by G A Rosenberg

Random Poetic Ramblings… and some non-attributed quotes

What does it mean to be open to the miraculous?

its strange, how one day you can want to understand everything and then something clicks and you realize that you will understand when it is time
which doesn’t mean don’t open yourself to learning

it just means lose attachment at needing to know until you realize that you already do.


Finding the spot
not marked by an x
all kinds of emotions flowing through
clearing, cheering,

music that reaches for my pen and starts my heart to writing
ideas unnoticed yet wanting to be heard
soul’s echo in song
and expresses in colour

what words can i give that will help the click
i will take a hand in my own salvation
and set my sights on home


funny, how few concrete ideas come by
just whispers suggestions from life’s underside

feelings of heaviness…thoughts…still the joy is there yet clouds cover
learning more and more how much i have yet to learn

Can one be in a corrupt society and still evolve?


my being wanders down the corridors of certainty
finding nothing to keep it here
yet finding myself wistful
I see so many here who have made their home
Where i have questions, they KNOW
where my path meanders all over the place
a bit here, a bit there
they seem to have a vector course that races ahead
I know the destination’s the same
and yet…
my path remains a wandering one
one where I learn from all
giving what i can and accepting what is given
and when I lose my way
when I believe I lose my way (smiles)
its just shadows i cast obscuring
the path is still there
sticking closer than Peter Pan’s shadow
with much less need of needle and thread…
and as much as i kid myself
tell myself that little lie
until i half believe it
I do know


Unattributed quotes (mainly because I don’t know who said them) (Thanks to Shivaji and Bedouin)

“any particular state remains as long as one feeds it, as soon as one ceases to feed it it will then cease to be what one experiences to be ones own reality. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it just doesn’t exist for you ”

“if we are too afraid to face the facts of the world we live in then we shall not transform ourselves while being a part of it”

‎”People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos, is because things are being loved, and people are being used.”

Video of the Day – July 3 2010