Three years back, as a challenge to myself I spent a summer writing tarot haiku, one haiku a night for 78 nights for each card. The results of this in the summer of 2009 can be found on this blog.  After I was finished I thought that it might be cool to have illustrations for each poem, my own take on the cards.  At this point I have over a third of the deck finished with more to come.

Tarot Images

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The Fool High Priestess
The Empress The Emperor The Hierophant
The Lovers The Chariot Justice (F)
The Hermit Strength
Death (F) Temperance
The Devil (F) Tower (F) The Star
The Moon (F) The Sun (F) Judgement -The Aeon
The Universe (f)


Ace of Wands Two of Wands Three of Wands
Four of Wands Five of Wands Six of Wands
Seven of Wands

Eight of Wands Nine of Wands
Ten of Wands KIng of Wands (N) Queen of Wands
Prince of Wands Page of Wands (N)


Ace of Cups Two of Cups Three of Cups
Four of Cups
Nine of Cups
Ten of Cups KIng of Cups Queen of Cups copy
Knight of Cups Page of Cups


Seven of Swords Nine of Swords
Ten of Swords King of Swords

Knight of Swords Page of Swords


Five of Pentacles
Seven of Pentacles Oak Tree Nine of Pentacles
Ten of Pentacles KIng of Pentacles Queen of Pentacles
Knight of Pentacles Page of Pentacles